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price rise

price rise

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Fish, meat and eggs have also increased the price of vegetables


Published: 10 May 2024,

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price rise
Daily Star News

The prices of all types of non-vegetables including fish, meat, eggs are high in the market. Along with this, the price of vegetables has also increased due to disruption of production due to drought. The price of some vegetables has reached Rs 100 per kg. This time the price of potatoes has increased after the end of the season. Meanwhile, prices of essential commodities like rice, pulses, flour, flour, sugar and oil have also stabilized at high prices. All in all, there is not much good news in the market for common buyers.

It is known that the price of brinjal per kg has once again reached a hundred after visiting New Market Raw Market and Palashi Bazaar of the capital yesterday and talking to the concerned persons. Depending on the size and quality, the asking price of eggplant is 100 to 120 taka per kg. Barab price is kept at 90 to 100 taka per kg. And a kg of papaya is being sold at 80 to 90 taka. Jinge, dhundul and chichinga among other vegetables are being sold at Tk 70 to 80 in the market. Patol and dhyands are being sold for a little less than 60 rupees. Meanwhile, buyers have to pay 55 to 60 taka to buy one kg of potatoes.

President of Bangladesh Commodity Owners Association regarding the increase in the price of vegetables in the market. Imran Master told  Daily star News  that vegetable production in the field has been disrupted due to extreme heat. So the supply of vegetables in the market is less, the price has also increased. The new vegetables that the farmers are planting will take time to arrive. He thinks that the price of vegetables is not likely to decrease before two to three weeks.

Meanwhile, there has been a slight change in the meat market, which increased during fasting, after Eid. The effect of chicken dying in summer has affected the market. The price of golden chicken has increased to Rs 400 per kg. Somewhere 10 rupees extra. Even during fasting which was around Rs 350 per kg. 220 to 230 Tk per kg of broiler chicken. After Eid, the price of new eggs increased by 20 rupees per dozen. The price of farm brown eggs is Rs 135 to 140 per dozen. White eggs 130 to 135 Tk. A kg of beef costs 750 to 800 taka. The price of beef is falling from 1000 to 1 thousand 100 taka.

Bangladesh Poultry Association President Sumon Hawladar to Daily Star News

He said that as the intensity of heat decreases, special attention should be paid to the production of chicken and eggs. Besides, the market may go beyond the reach of buyers in the long term. Worryingly, if smallholder farmers are unable to return to production, market volatility will increase.

Like meat, the fish market is hot. Depending on the size, farmed tilapia and pangas have to be bought at Tk 200 to Tk 250 per kg. The price of farmed cotton fish is 300 to 400 taka per kg. Hilsa market is not good. The price of one kilogram of hilsa is 1,600 to 1,800 taka. The price of native fish is beyond the reach of common buyers. A kg of shoal and magu is small in size but the asking price is 800 taka. A kg of medium-sized bim and boal is about 1000 rupees.

The spice market is on the rise

A spice market surrounds the sacrifice in front. Onion, garlic and ginger prices are seen slightly higher than this time last year. Although there is an opportunity to import onions from India, importers are not showing much interest due to high prices. It does not have a big impact on the price of onions in the country’s market. In particular, onion prices have fallen by Rs 5 per kg in the last week. Now desi onions are being sold at 65 to 70 taka per kg.

Babul Mia, a wholesale onion seller at Karwan Bazar, told Daily Star News

He said that the supply of local onions in the market is good. But the price has not come down that much yet. If onions start coming from India, it is expected that the price will decrease in the country’s market.

Prices of domestic and imported garlic have also increased by Rs 10 to Rs 40 in a week. Desi garlic is being sold at Tk 170 to Tk 210 per kg. And the price of imported garlic is falling from 200 to 240 taka. The price of imported ginger is falling between 200 and 240 taka. And a kg of local ginger is falling above 350 taka. Prices of essential commodities such as rice, pulses, flour, flour, sugar and oil have stabilized at higher prices.

Rajia Sultana, a buyer of New Market raw market in the capital, told  Daily Star News

He said, “The market went slightly better towards the end of the day. Now the price has started to rise again. I am having a hard time keeping up with the high standards.



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