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Paila Baishakh

Paila Baishakh

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One or two shops have opened, charging higher prices for hilsa

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Update: 13 April 2024, 10:21

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Paila Baishakh
Daily Star News


Hilsa Fish File Photo: Daily Star News : Along with panta and various pada bhartas, many people have hilsa in their food list during Paila Baishakh celebration. If there is no panta and hilsa, it is as if the monsoons of many Bengalis do not accumulate. However, due to the pressure of inflation in recent years, the demand for hilsa in Paila Baisakh has decreased somewhat. Because, at this time of the year, the price of hilsa in the market is quite high.

Another thought has been added to the high price of the national fish Hilsa. That is, everything from the office-court to the bazaarghat is almost closed during the Eid holidays. Especially in the raw markets of Dhaka, the shops have not yet opened like that. However, some shops are expected to open from today.

Tomorrow is the first Baisakh, i.e. Bengali New Year. On this occasion, those who did not buy hilsa before Eid, will have to spend quite a lot of money to buy hilsa today. Because the price of hilsa is high, the supply of fish in the market is low and only a few are opening shops in the market. They are syndicated again. If you want to eat hilsa on the first Baisakh, you have to buy it today at a high price.

Such indications were found after visiting the capital’s caravan market on Friday evening. The regular fish market of Karwan Bazar Kitchen Market was closed till last night. No fish shop opened there. However, the fish shops of Kitchen Market will open from this morning, the

security personnel there said. However, only two shops were found open yesterday evening at the fish market near the Karwan Bazar railway line. In one of the two shops, a seller was sitting with only hilsa fish. In another shop only prawns and poa fish were seen with hilsa. All the fish were expensive.

Paila Baishakh celebration :

400 grams of hilsa is being sold at Tk 1,200 per kg in this corner of Karwan Bazar. 1 thousand 400 taka per kg of hilsa weighing 500 grams. And the price of 700 grams of hilsa per kg has been asked for 1 thousand 700 taka. The price of hilsa weighing 1 kg 300 grams is 3 thousand to 3 thousand 200 taka. Sellers are not lowering the prices as there is less hilsa in the market. If you insist, keep it as low as 20 to 50 rupees per kg, this is what.

Atiqul Islam, a resident of Banglamotor area, told Daily Star News while returning after buying hilsa from caravan market, “The price is too high.” I would not have bought hilsa if my mother had not told me.

Karwan Bazar is a wholesaler of fish. Ripon said to Prothom Alo, “Fish is coming less. What is coming is also more expensive. We have nothing to do. Every time before the first Baisakh, the price increases a little.

If the caravan comes to the market, it is guaranteed to get hilsa fish. But in many markets of Dhaka, the sellers have not returned after the Eid holiday. You can get most of the fish market closed. As Abdus Salam, a fish seller in Rampura market, said on the phone, “I came to the village home on Eid holidays. It will take me two or three more days to return to Dhaka. Then I will open the shop. Due to the Eid holiday, I am not doing business on the occasion of Baisakh.



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