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Gpa 5


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Mubashira got GPA-5, crying at home


Published: 12 May 2024

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Mubashira Islam

Gpa  5
Daily Star News

Mobashvira Islam participated in this year’s SSC exam from the science department. Immediately after the exam, Jebe underwent a surgery and lost consciousness. The family mourned his death in 1 month and 22 days. After hearing the results of that Mobashvira, the house fell into tears.

Mobashvira Islam got GPA-5 in all subjects in this year’s SSC examination. Her nickname is Mohana. This time he gave the SSC exam from Nautica Secondary School with the science department. Mobashvira’s house is in Nautika village of Bagha upazila of Rajshahi. His father Mahirul Islam is a school teacher.


According to family sources, Mubashira Islam had a small cyst under his tongue. His parents admitted him to a private hospital named Al Amin in Rajshahi city to remove it surgically. Mobashwira’s surgery was completed before the evening of March 20. Then I regained consciousness. Then a nurse came and gave an injection. Then the Mobashwis fell unconscious. At one point, when the situation worsened, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. He was declared dead at 5:10 am while undergoing treatment there. He was buried in Nautika village cemetery after the funeral in the afternoon of March 21.

Mobaswira’s father Mahirul Islam told Delister News that while going to Rajshahi for surgery, he saw Rajshahi College and said to his mother, “I will get admission in Rajshahi College.” My marks will be above 1,200. Mobaswira died within hours of surgery on a small cyst under her chin. After the exam results were declared, her mother was lamenting and saying, ‘My daughter has gone to college. The number also got more than 1 thousand 200. But I was not admitted to college.

In the last month and 22 days, the crying stopped at Mobas Tira’s house. But after the results of the examination came out, there was mourning again in his house. Those who are coming home are crying after hearing the results of Mubashira.



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