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Sabina Yasmin
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Sabina Yasmin

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 Vocalist Sabina Yasmin returned home from Singapore after 3 months of treatment


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Published: 05 June 2024,

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Sabina Yasmin

Painter Sabina Yasmin was under treatment in Singapore for three and a half months. He came to Bangladesh on May 31 after being under treatment for three and a half months. Now he is in his own house in Dhaka. At the end of this month he will have to go to Singapore again for treatment.

Her daughter Bandhan said my mother has to go to Singapore for a checkup every year. And this year also he went for a checkup and there his whole body was diagnosed with a dental problem. Then on February 7, weapons were smuggled into his mouth. And after arms smuggling he needed radiotherapy. And he gave me radiotherapy. Completed the course of radiotherapy. After giving radiotherapy, my mother had side effects. Because of which the mother has to go to Singapore for a check-up after one year. Medical counseling should continue accordingly.

Vocalist Sabina Yasmin

Bandhan also said that there were some rumors in the last month of February. Some people are spreading rumors that my mother has cancer again. Several media published the news of cancer and even some Indian media spread the information of this artist’s cancer. Is it true? After revealing everything, this artist sent a message to the country about his physical condition. He said every year he goes to Singapore for his checkup. His body is regularly checked up in Singapore. But some social media and some mass media are spreading misleading information about his physical condition. It is not positive at all.

Sabina Yasmeen Photo: Courtesy of Sabina

Sabina Yasmin’s commentary, ‘I am your Sabina Yasmin. Have to go to Singapore for regular checkup every year. This time was no exception. But this time when I came to the checkup, a little problem appeared in my teeth. In this context, I had a small surgery on my teeth. Radiotherapy is  given. After that I have to walk according to the doctor’s advice as the doctor tells me to walk. After that, I will recover and return to the country with your prayers, inshallah. He requested social media not to spread such misleading information. By doing this his devotees will fall into a state of confusion and it becomes a cause of great distress to his devotees. This timeless artist made this comment.

Sabina Yasmin

This timeless artist has been singing for 5 decades… His songs are famous all over the world. He has won film awards 14 times by singing film songs with Manna Dey Kishore Kumar, two renowned artists of the subcontinent. This legendary artist has won Ekushey Padak and Freedom Award.  In 1962, he gave his voice to the first children’s song composed by Rabin Ghosh. The last time in 2020, the actress voiced in Kabir’s film ‘Aei Tumi Sei Tumi’. Not only that, Sabina Yasmeen also composed four songs of the film as a composer for the first time.



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