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Published: 14:01, 09 April 2024
Update: 14:05, 09 April 2024

Eid means wife to me: Jovan

Daily Star News

Farhan Ahmed Jovan

At the beginning of the year, popular small screen actor Farhan Ahmed Jovan announced the news of marriage by posting a picture with his wife on social media Facebook. Then he completed the marriage ceremony at the end of January. And now they are having a good married life. The actor even said that he is very happy to be able to decide on marriage at the right time.

In a recent conversation with the media about the Eid plan, Jovan said, this time a new member has arrived in the house. Actually the right person came into my life at the right time. By the grace of Allah, we are having a great time now. All in all I am very well.

He said he will go to his father-in-law’s house on Eid. There are many members in that house. Many people live in one building. I will go out with all of them. I will take my parents with me. There is also a plan to go to the resort with the whole family three-four days after Eid.

Farhan Ahmed Jovan:

Reminiscing about his childhood, he still remembers the days of the Nanubhai colony on Eid. Everyone was very kind to everyone there. Iftar was given and taken. The actor also said that he misses the joy of seeing the moon after hurrying to the field after breaking fast on the night of the moon.

Besides, in response to the question of what Eid means, Jovan said, Eid means festival and family to me. And now my wife.


Incidentally, Jovan will be seen in a few dramas this Eid. Among these, Kaya will be seen in the love story of the drama ‘Madhabilata’ with Payal. Prabir Roy Chowdhury and Anik Islam’s joint screenplay produced the play by Prabir Roy himself.

What Bible said about Shakib’s expulsion from the house:

Daily Star News

Shabnam Bubli is the popular film actress of Dhakai film and Dhaliwood superstarShakib KhanEveryone knows about the married life between Their affair became the talk of the town after the baby bump pictures and the date of the wedding and son’s birth were revealed. Later, their feud also came up in the headlines.

Shakib-Bubli’s separate comments sparked a storm of criticism on social media. Even once the hero said that he has no relationship with Bubli. Since then, everyone knows that they have divorced, but now Bubli has revealed new information. He said that they were not divorced.

On Monday (April 8) in a program on a private television in the country, the presenter asked Bubli about the current situation with Shakib. In response, Bubli said, we are taking time.We are not divorced. A marriage is sometimes misunderstood.

He said, I am struggling alone with my son Shehzad Khan Bir. From there I never disrespected him as a father of a child. Never attacked. Rather, I have answered it in case of anything. I want Veer to grow up in a healthy environment.Bubli said, “Earlier there was news in the media – I was thrown out of Shakib’s house.” But it never happened. Everyone in Shakib’s house respects me.


Apart from this, what name Shakib used to call Bubli in love, senior journalist Kamruzzaman Babu, the head of the program, asked this question. In reply, Bubli said, actually it depends on her mood. Most of the time he called Bubli. And sometimes ginger is called Lakshmi. However Shakib KhanThe actress did not clarify who called Bubli by what name.





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