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Natore Railway

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    Dispute over ticket verification, two railway security personnel taken to RAB camp and allegedly beaten up



Published: 17 March 2024, 15:33

Map of Natore District:

Dispute over ticket verification, two railway security personnel taken to RAB camp :

Two Railway Security Force (RNB) personnel were allegedly taken to the RAB camp .  Beaten up following a dispute over ticket verification at Natore railway station. However, denying the allegation of beating .RAB says that two RNB members detained and beat up a RAB member who was a train passenger in a room of the station.This incident happened yesterday Saturday afternoon.

According to the commentary of the RNB officials of Natore station.The RNB members in charge wanted to see the ticket from RAB member Al Mamun. who was a passenger of the Dhaka-bound fast express train at the station yesterday afternoon.He was angry at the station gate without showing the ticket. He left his bag outside the gate and asked the security staff, “Who are you to check the tickets?”At one point he got into a scuffle with the railway security staff.

The security personnel took the RAB member to the TC (Ticket Collector) room. It was found that Yatri Al Mamun was working in Chapainawabganj camp under RAB-5 (Rajshahi). After some time a group of 10-12 people from Nato RAB Camp (CPC-2) came there. After talking about the settlement, RNB sepoys Mokhtar Hossain and Ziaur Rahman were taken to the RAB camp.

RNB in-charge of Natore station Motaleb Hossain said that the RNB member was performing the duty to collect railway revenue. For this they were taken away clothed. It is gross abuse of power Divisional Railway Manager (Pakshi) Shah Sufi Noor Mohammad . said that the RAB member got into an argument with the RNB members . when he wanted to see the train ticket.

Later, when the passenger was taken to the TC room. RAB members dressed in uniform from Nator’s RAB office came and took away two RNB members while on duty. Then he was taken to the RAB office and beaten with black cloth over his eyes. Injured, they were taken to Natore Sadar Hospital by RAB vehicle.From there the two were taken to Santahar GRP police station. Noor Mohammad also said, “It is not acceptable to take someone like this without any discussion with the senior railway official.

“In this regard, the captain of RAB-5.  Munim Ferdous told the media, “A victim was beaten up by two RNB members in a room.The victim is a RAB member from Chapainawabganj center. The victim will file a case and the two have been brought by the RAB patrol team for his personal redressal. Muneem Ferdous said, ‘RNB members beat up one of our members. Dragged, hit the head. He took him to the room and undid his belt and beat him up, abused him in profanity.

There is no issue of RAB here, a person is a victim, that person will sue. We are working for the remedy of that person. These things have been informed to the Director General of Railways .  he said, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Santahar Railway Police Station. Mokhtar Hussain said that RAB members had deposited two RNB members .at Santahar police station at night . Corporal Al Mamun had lodged a written complaint. As it is a matter of two forces, the matter has been resolved by contacting the higher authorities. Two RNB members have been handed over to their authorities.


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