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Things you must know before using sunscreen


Update: 8 June 2024, 12:54

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You know about the summer sun. The summer sun is very hot… but the sun is not good for our skin. Yes, but there is a lot of vitamin D in the sun. That vitamin is very effective for our body. Vitamins help to strengthen our body structure. But the yellow sun that rises every morning does not bring anything bad for our skin, but it is very good. We are getting vitamins and there is no harm to the skin. However, if you go out from 10 am to 3 pm, you must use sunscreen. This sun is very harmful for our skin.

 Sunscreen in Skin Care:

Sun exposure means that the skin is getting damaged day by day. And we can’t even go out anymore..we have to go out for various jobs. As is going to school. To go to university. Various offices are to go to court. The market is to go. We have to go out but we also have to take care of our skin. You are using different types of products on the screen. Taking a lot of care. There are lots of expensive makeup products, but it all becomes worthless if you don’t use sunscreen. Because the ultraviolet rays of the sun are very harmful to our skin. And if you don’t use this sunscreen day after day, you will notice how damaged your skin is.

Whether you wear makeup or not, you must use sunscreen. If you want to keep your skin healthy, you must use sunscreen. There is no substitute for sunscreen. Sunscreen can be used before going out during the day. It is good to know what kind of sunscreen to use according to the skin. How long to keep the sunscreen on the skin and how long to clean the skin should be known.

 Sunscreen according to skin:

Make office sunscreen should be used no matter where you go to the office or go to a party or travel during the day. Use sunscreen before any party makeup or heavy makeup. Wait 15 minutes before using sunscreen. No makeup can be used after 15 minutes.  Using sunscreen will protect your skin. If you want to know about which type of sunscreen should be used on which skin, make-up expert Sharmin told Prathi, if you use sunscreen according to your skin type, you will get good results. We generally divide skin types into four categories. Such as normal skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin. Now in the market there are various brands of sunscreen with various formulas. But such type of sunscreen should be selected which provides moisture to all types of skin.

Many people say that using sunscreen makes the skin sweat more. Avoid using cream sunscreens if you sweat a lot when using sunscreen, especially if you have oily skin. Sharmin Kochi said that those with oily skin can use matte, gel or spray sunscreens instead of cream-based sunscreens. By doing this, the skin will be tolerant, sweat will also be reduced. If the problem of sweating is excessive, then you can use waterproof sunscreen. In the case of bathing in the sea or in the swimming pool, you must use waterproof sunscreen. Otherwise the sunscreen will come off in the water. And those who sweat excessively can also use waterproof sunscreen. 

Those with dry skin should use an oil-based sunscreen for better results.

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Should remember:

  • If you go out in the sun between 10 am and 3 pm, you must use sunscreen on your skin.
  • Make sure that the sunscreen does not come into contact with the eyes.
  • After using sunscreen, the skin must be cleaned well after returning from outside.
  • Wash off sunscreen after three to four hours. put it back on If not, the results may be reversed.


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