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united States

United States

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In the United States, the son’s death in the shooting of a miscreant, the parents do not stop crying

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Update: 29 April 2024, 21: 08

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united States
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Abu Saleh, a Bangladeshi who was shot by miscreants in the United States. Yusuf’s father is Nurul Haque. He is speechless at Putrasho. Majortila Islampur of Sylhet city on Monday morning Photo: Daily star News

Among the two Bangladeshis who were shot by miscreants in the United States, Abu Saleh Md. Yusuf’s (40) house is in Kanaighat upazila of Sylhet. But his family members are living in the Islampur area of ​​Sylhet city. Saleh immigrated to the United States with his wife and two daughters on a tourist visa about a year ago. After going there, he asked for political asylum.

Saleh was shot dead last Saturday afternoon local time in Buffalo, New York. The relatives of the family in the country got to know the news of his death the next day yesterday at eight o’clock in the morning.


Father Nurul Haque (67) is speechless after hearing the news of his son’s death. After hearing the news of his son’s murder, he became very stone in grief. Abu Saleh’s mother Nazira Begum (56), a primary school teacher, does not stop crying. While talking to the relatives, they are repeatedly crying over the son’s name.


Nurul Haque’s family lives on the second floor of a fourth floor building named Syeda Majida Villa in Islampur area of ​​the city. Around 1995, Nurul, a resident of three six villages of Jhinga Bari union in Kalighat, started living with his family in Islampur. He is a former member of UP and served as acting chairman of Jhinga Bari Union till 2009. Apart from this, Nurul Haque is also involved in Awami League politics.

In the United States, the son’s death in the shooting of a miscreant

On Monday around 10:30 am, I went to Nurul Haque’s house and heard the sound of crying coming from outside the door. After about five minutes of knocking at the door, a woman opened the door. Later, Saleh’s younger brother Abu Taher talked in the meeting room. With Zubair (36). He lives in Dhaka for work.

Zubair said Saleh is the eldest among three brothers and one sister. All the siblings are established. Saleh used to work as an officer in a private company in the country. After some days he did mobile phone business in Sylhet.

According to relatives, in April 2023, Saleh went to the United States on a tourist visa with his wife and two daughters. After going there, he recently got the driving license of that country. Sal’s wife, Nusrat Jahan, who was killed in the United States, was five months pregnant. The husband is broken after the murder. Relatives and neighbors in the United States are taking care of him.

Younger brother Abu Taher. Zubair said that his brother Saleh used to work in ‘construction’ in the United States. On the day of the incident, he went to repair a house next to their house. After going there, Durbuttara shot him and another Bangladeshi who was with him. Doctors declared them dead after taking them to the hospital. Zubair said Saleh’s body is expected to be handed over to the family on Monday morning local time. The body will be buried there later. Although the family members wanted to bring the body home. But the matter would become a long process, so that process was not taken further.

While talking to Zubair, their father Nurul Haque was sitting on a sofa in the meeting room. At one point he broke down in tears talking about his son and two grandsons in the United States. Nurul Haque said that he last spoke to Saleh two days before his death. Saleh wanted to know whether they would need money or not. Saleh used to talk to his mother and sister almost every day. Nurul Haque said she is now more worried about her two grandsons and unborn child. Apart from this, how the daughter-in-law is currently managing herself and the children without her husband, they have no end of worries.


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