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Sudden record temperatures in the South Pole threaten disaster

The Guardian

Update: 07 April 2024, 14:49

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Record temperatures were recorded on the ice-covered eastern plateau of the South Pole.File photo: Reuters

On March 18, 2022, scientists at the Concordia Research Center on the ice-covered eastern plateau of the South Pole recorded a dazzling event.

Scientists write about such a big jump in temperature, which has not been noticed by any meteorological station in the world.

The region’s temperature rose 38.5 degrees Celsius above the seasonal average that day, a world record, scientists’ instruments said.

Polar researchers could not find the language to describe the temperature jump in the world’s coldest place.

Professor Michael Meredith, leader of the scientific team at the British Antarctic Survey, said the matter is simply mind-boggling.

Professor Michael Meredith added that such large jumps are tolerable in sub-zero temperatures. But if the temperature rises to 40°C in the UK now, temperatures will exceed 50°C in spring. It would be fatal for humans.

Professor Martin Siegert, a glaciologist at the University of Exeter in the UK, expressed a similar surprise. “None of us thought that something like this could happen,” he told the UK’s Observer newspaper. It is out of the ordinary, a matter of genuine concern.’

“We are now dealing with something that is completely unprecedented,” said Martin Siegert.



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