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Why is there so much debate about Kohli’s out – who is right, who is wrong

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Published: 22 April 2024,

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Kohli was seen talking to the umpires like this, BCCI in Kolkata yesterday

Virat Kohli’s dismissal against Kolkata Knight Riders has created a new controversy. The IPL has resorted to new ways of using technology to determine ‘non-pitching’ deliveries or no balls for fouls. Cricket-analysts and former cricketers are giving different opinions in favor of Kohli’s out being determined by it.

Yesterday, Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman Kohli was dismissed for 18 runs off 7 balls by Harshit, the runner at Eden Gardens. Kohli took a return catch at the leading edge after going full on fouls, he reviewed it when the on field umpire did not give a no ball. Although not in international cricket, wide and no ball decisions can also be reviewed in IPL. The television umpire, however, upheld the on-field decision.

A visibly angry Kohli was seen discussing with the field umpires after that decision. He was joined by Kohli’s opening partner and Bengaluru captain Faf du Plessis. Kohli was seen expressing his anger even while leaving the field.

Daily Star News

Kohli’s anger was palpable at the BCCI

In the new IPL system, no balls are determined by measuring the difference in waist-height from the batsman’s feet while standing with the expected trajectory of the ball. This height of the batsman is already measured. Earlier in a BCCI video, match referee Javagal Srinath said that it was done during the official photo shoot. And ball height is measured by Hawk-eye based ball tracking method.


However, when the ball hit the bat, it was still on Kohli’s waist according to its trajectory. But the slower the ball was falling, Kohli was out of the crease. The height at which the ball reached the popping crease (0.92) was less than Kohli’s waist height (1.02), and the television umpire upheld the on-field decision.

Former Indiana pacer Irfan Pathan said in a video message to X that Kohli was out as per the rules. But former batsman Mohammad Kaif thinks this decision is ‘unfair’. He said, ‘If the ball is at waist-height at the time of contact with the bat, it should be considered a no ball. And I’ve always felt that ball tracking showed a much sharper trajectory.’

Daily Star News

Broadcasting channel Star Sports has explained why Kohli was sent out to Star Sports X.

Another former batsman Wasim Zafar, however, says that even if the rules say so, it should be changed. According to him, when the ball connects with the bat, it should be seen whether the ball was at waist-height or not.

According to Rule 41.7.1 of the MCC Laws, any delivery which crosses or would have crossed the waist-height of the upright batsman at the popping crease without falling on the pitch shall be considered unfair. If such a delivery is made, the umpire will call no ball.


The IPL, however, has not changed the rules, only handed over the implementation to technology. Commentator Harsha Bhogle sees it as a blessing, “Thank God for technology.” Removed all allegations of bias. And the height of the players was measured before the start of the tournament, which many of us were waiting for. So it’s not the umpires’ business; Rather unbiased use of technology.

After questioning the decisions of the umpires on the field, Bengaluru captain Faf du Plessis said, “Obviously the rules are the rules. Virat and I thought at that moment, the ball was above his waist. I think they measure it on popping creases. In such moments there will always be a group who will be happy. There will be another group, who will think that this is not the right decision. But this is how cricket goes.



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