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What is the political reason behind the attempt to kill the Prime Minister of Slovakia?

robert  Fico
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Published: 16 May 2024

Robert Fitzo was carried away in a car by security guards after the attack Photo: Reuters

The members of his party believe that there may be political reasons behind the assassination attempt of Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fitzo. They also described it as an ‘attack on democracy’. A member of Fitzor’s cabinet even blamed the media for paving the way for the assassination.

The shooting incident took place in Handlova city of the country on Wednesday. Prime Minister Fitzo attended a government meeting there. After leaving the meeting, he was shot at. After the arrest of the attacker, he was charged with attempted murder. However, his name has not been officially announced. Local media say that he is 71 years old.

According to media reports, the suspected attacker is a writer and political activist. Slovak Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok also said at a press conference on Thursday that the man attacked the prime minister alone. Earlier, he participated in anti-government protests several times.

Meanwhile, a video of a man has spread widely in Slovakian media. In the video, he is heard saying that he does not agree with the government policy. That person is said to be yesterday’s attacker. However, the BBC could not be sure whether he was the attacker or whether the video was recorded in the context of an incident.

Prime Minister of Slovakia?

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fitzsophile Photo: Reuters

Prime Minister Robert Fitzow has come under fire at home for calling for an end to military aid to Ukraine and the lifting of sanctions against Moscow amid ongoing Russian attacks. And the attack on him happened on a day when the government’s proposal to ban the state broadcaster RTVS was to be discussed in the country’s parliament.

Citizens of Slovakia have been protesting for several weeks against the government’s proposal regarding the state media. A rally was called yesterday under the leadership of the opposition party. However, the rally was postponed after the news of the attack on the Prime Minister.

Slovakia’s Deputy Prime Minister Tomas Taraba blamed the “misinterpretation” of the opposition parties for the attack. In an interview given to the BBC, he said, “Before this, our Prime Minister repeatedly said that such an attack could be made on him.”


Police arrest a suspected attacker at the scene of the shooting of Slovakian Prime Minister Robert FicoPhoto: Reuters

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Estok believes that the media also has a hand in creating the environment for the attack on Robert Fitso. Addressing the media at a press conference, he said, ‘You have sown the seeds of this hatred. This assassination attempt was carried out for political reasons.

Five shots were fired at Fitzo

59-year-old Fitso was attacked at close range yesterday afternoon. At that time, he was surrounded by supporters. The assailant fired five shots at Fitzo. They were applied to the Prime Minister’s hands and stomach.

After this sudden attack on Fitzo, his security guards were stunned. In the video recorded from the spot, it is seen that some security personnel are quickly carrying the injured Prime Minister into the car. Then the car left from there at high speed. At this time, the others arrested the attacker.

After the rescue, Fitso was taken to a local hospital by air ambulance in a critical condition. Later he was admitted to another hospital. He was operated on there overnight. In a press conference yesterday, the hospital authorities said that the prime minister’s physical condition is now stable. He has been kept in the intensive care unit (ICU).



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