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No country is safe from terrorism: the Kremlin



Update: 25 March 2024, 19:36

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A suspect in the Crocus City Hall terror attack on the outskirts of Moscow is appearing in court. 24 March, Moscow Photo: Reuters

No country in the world is safe from terrorism, commented Dmitry Peskov, spokesman of the Russian President’s office, Kremlin. He said this in response to journalists’ questions whether it was the failure of the Russian security forces to prevent last Friday’s horrific attack on a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow.

Gunmen stormed Crocus City Hall in Moscow’s northwestern suburbs on Friday evening just before a band was set to perform. The attackers entered the hall in the presence of more than 6,000 people and opened fire. At one stage they set the hall on fire. At least 137 people have been killed and 182 injured in this incident so far.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation on Saturday, the day after the deadliest attack in Russia in the last two decades. He said that all those responsible for this attack will be punished. Stating that 11 people have been arrested in this incident, the Russian President said that four of them were going to Ukraine.

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The teenager who helped hundreds survive the attack in Moscow

Kremlin spokesman Peskov said on Monday that the attack is under investigation. Therefore, it is not appropriate to comment on the message given by the Islamic State (IS) claiming responsibility for the attack. He told reporters, “Investigation is ongoing.” As far as I know, nothing has been clarified so far.

In response to the question whether the failure of the intelligence agencies was revealed in the case of such a deadly attack on the outskirts of the capital Moscow, Dmitry Peskov said that the incident of the attack made everyone emotional. But no country is safe from terrorism.

The Kremlin spokesman said, “Sadly, the world has shown us that no city, no country is completely safe from the threat of terrorism.” He noted that the intelligence agencies are working tirelessly to protect Russia.

Dmitry Peskov said, ‘The fight against terrorism is an ongoing process that requires full international cooperation. But you will see that in today’s intense conflict, such cooperation is not possible at all.

The Federal Security Service (FSB), the main successor to the Soviet-era intelligence agency KGB, is today one of Russia’s most influential intelligence agencies. Alexander Bortnikov has been leading this organization since 2008. He has been briefing Russian President Putin on the investigation since the attack.

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Moscow attack: How four suspects appeared in court

US intelligence
The US said it warned Russia two weeks ago of a possible attack on Moscow. The US Embassy in Moscow issued a warning based on intelligence that “extremists” were planning to carry out the attack.

In response to the question whether the Russian security forces needed the help of the West or not, Dmitry Peskov said, “Our intelligence agencies are working independently. There is no question of any kind of assistance here.’

Peskov refused to comment on the details of the related intelligence. However, he said, “Since the attack, in discussions with leaders of other countries, our head of state has emphasized on strengthening international efforts to combat terrorism.”

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IS has released a new video of the attack in Moscow


Video footage of the interrogation of the suspects has been published in some Russian media and Telegram channels close to the Kremlin. One suspect’s ear was cut off. Another was seen with his hands tied. An investigator was interrogating him by the hair. Another was seen being interrogated in a hospital bed.

When they appeared in court on Sunday night local time, one was brought with a bandage on his ear, another with injuries on his face and another in the clothes of hospital patients.

Kremlin spokesman Peskov declined to comment on whether the suspects were being persecuted.



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