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US officials expressed Biden’s thoughts on counterattacks in Iran


Israel, US air defenses shoot down 99 percent of drones launched by Iran Photo: Reuters

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The White House has warned Israel that the United States will not participate in any counterattack against Iran. A senior administration official of the United States has given such information.

Iran launched more than 300 drone and missile attacks on Israel last Saturday night. Iran said this attack was carried out in response to the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria on April 1.

But Israel said Israeli, US and allied forces shot down almost all of the weapons before they hit their targets.

President Joe Biden urged Israel to respond with caution, White House officials said.

Yesterday, a senior administration official told reporters that US President Joe Biden has advised the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make strategic plans with caution. Biden made the suggestion after Iran’s first direct attack on Israel.

The official also said that the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria killed the country’s senior army commanders. The Biden administration thinks Israel has handled its counterattack well.


How many losses in Iran’s attack, said the Israeli army

Israel says it has shot down 99 percent of missiles, drones and cruise missiles fired by Iran. US officials see it as a sign of Israeli military superiority over Iran’s military.

Biden and Netanyahu spoke by phone shortly after the Iranian attack. In that phone conversation, the two leaders talked about moving slowly.

The official did not elaborate on whether the White House had warned Iran about retaliating. But he said it would depend on Israel’s calculations.

John Kerby, the country’s national security spokesman, said on the US TV channel, “The United States wants to avoid a major conflict.” A clear message has been given to Israel in this regard. The same message has been given to Iran through diplomatic channels, said the senior official.

Both Kerby and the White House official said the US would support Israel. However, Israel will not participate in any retaliatory response.


Iran launched drone and missile attacks on various areas of Israel on Saturday night. According to the country, the attack was carried out in response to the Israeli airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, the capital of Syria, on April 1. Israel has claimed to shoot down most of Iran’s missiles and drones before they hit targets.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, Mohammad Bagheri, said that all the targets that were attacked in Israel have been met. He said that if Israel does not respond to this attack, then Tehran has no plans to attack the country again.



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